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 Details of the course: -

  •  ​Minimum age: -8 years (child must be aware of addition, subtraction, multiplication & division)

  •  Total duration of the course: - 10 hours

  •  Total sessions: - 10 each of 45-60 minutes

  • number of sessions per week

  • 3 sessions per week (Monday, Wednesday & Friday)  for the week batches

  • 2 sessions per week (Saturday and Sunday) for the weekend batches

You will contribute towards society as

  • 25% of the income is given to PM Modi’s Army Défense Fund &

  • 15% of the revenue is given for lunch or dinner for Ankur Children's Home in  Mira Road.   

  • 10% of the seats are reserved as free seat for children of  people who can not afford to pay fees( like car or autorickshaw drivers/society gate security/maidservants.. For these seats Kirit Ved's decision will be the final

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  • general week Batch starts on first Monday of every month. 
  • general weekend batch starts on first Saturday of every month.
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Types of batches are available: -

  • General batch (during the week)

  • General batch (during the weekend)

  • Special one-to-one Batch

  • offline batches

General batch (during the week)

batches starts based on pre decided fixed schedule(Monday,Wednesday & Friday)

•Maximum students:-twenty

•Timing :-

•08:00 to 09:00 hours or

•18:00 to 19:00 hours (IST)

•total Course fee :- Rs. 1000/-

General batch(during the weekend)

batches starts based on pre decided fixed schedule(Saturday & sunday)

•Maximum students:-twenty

•Timing :-

•08:00 to 09:00 hours or

•18:00 to 19:00 hours (IST)

•total Course fee :- Rs. 2000/-

Special one_to_one batch

•Maximum students:-two

• Parent (either mother or father) is allowed to attend the sessions with the child

• Timing :-suitable to you /available with me 

• total Course fee :-Rs. 3000/-

offline batches

Available for nearby areas in & around Mira Road.  total fees will be 8000 for ten sessions.

 kindly note that offline classes will only be conducted at student's premises & fees may vary depending on student's location.

For Enquiry/Enrollment
Contact: -Mr. Kirit Ved
+919869015508 (Gpay)


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